The City of The Violet Crown

A video of the world premiere of my piece The City of The Violet Crown by Austin Mandolin Orchestra at the Classical Mandolin Society of America 2015 Convention is now posted:

Memories from the Future

I’m excited to release into the world a substantial new piece called Memories from the Future: A Suite for Mandolin Orchestra.  I have completed this three-movement, nine-minute piece as 2015 Composer-in-Residence for the Classical Mandolin Society of America.  It will … Continued

Dubliners Blues released today

Many years ago as a young and awkwardly introverted musician, I took the decision to compose and perform as an instrumentalist and leave the singing and songwriting to someone else.  Last summer at the Creative Musicians Retreat, it occurred to me … Continued

My next premiere

Rodrigo Baggio will perform my solo guitar piece ‘Sal a gosto’ at the Composer’s Voice 5th Annual Trajetória Brasileira – 1:00PM February 22, 2015 in NYC at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church.