I enjoy writing for a variety of styles and musical settings.

Currently, I focus on creating new pieces and arrangements for individuals and ensembles that are looking for new repertoire. Most of my experience is in writing for mandolins, guitars, and plectrum ensembles.  I’ve arranged, over ten years, a hundred or more pieces for the Austin Mandolin Orchestra.

I’ve written some solo pieces, for guitar,  piano, marimba, cello.  I’ve also had some chamber works premiered by notable chamber groups, including the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and the Wet Ink Ensemble.

I’m happy to make lead sheets and scores available to performing musicians.  I’m also seeking collaborations with chamber groups interested in commissioning new works.

My largest compilation to date, Opus Twelve, featuring 21 new works for mandolin has shipped! It includes mandolin solos, mandolin duets, mandolin trios, a mandolin quartet, and an epic mandolin orchestra piece!  Conductor’s score, parts, and recording are available now.  Click here to find out more.

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Here are a few sample pieces: