Many years ago as a young and awkwardly introverted musician, I took the decision to compose and perform as an instrumentalist and leave the singing and songwriting to someone else.  Last summer at the Creative Musicians Retreat, it occurred to me that this sentiment was just another sharp point that I needed to lean into.  While […]

I’m getting close to realizing my version of Elgar’s unfinished Andante for Violin, Mandolin and Guitar.  Contact me if you are interested in hearing it or perhaps using the score for your group.  I’ll be playing this piece soon with my Austin Mandolin Trio. Here’s the story. On January 15 1907, English composer Sir Edward […]

I feel pretty fortunate that most of my recent work has been performed.  I’m looking for a few opportunities to collaborate with performing musicians on new music for 2015.  Please contact me if you are interested in working with me to write a new piece to add to your repertoire!