Dubliners Blues released today

Many years ago as a young and awkwardly introverted musician, I took the decision to compose and perform as an instrumentalist and leave the singing and songwriting to someone else.  Last summer at the Creative Musicians Retreat, it occurred to me that this sentiment was just another sharp point that I needed to lean into.  While I’ve been juggling work on new compositions for mandolin orchestra, a solo piece for marimba, and a collection of solo piano music, I’ve also had this project on the back burner.

Today I’m pleased to release my third album of original material and debut as a singer/songwriter – a digital download EP of 3 songs entitled Dubliners Blues and published by Hyoshi New Media, Inc.  In addition to singing all the tracks, I play some mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, and electric piano.

I would like to thank; my dedicated producer, engineer, and friend Chris Peterson, who also appears on the record as Fiddler in Chief and Electric Guitarist in Waiting.  All my friends and colleagues from The Walden School who inspire me.  My vocal coach Larisa Montanaro for her patience, good humor and expertise.  Harmoni Kelley for bringing her amazing talents as vocalist and truly electric bassist.  Rhythm ace Pat Brown for laying down a deep pocket on drums and percussion.  Jesse Dalton for adding some bonafide upright bass where we needed it most.  Guitar wiz Mark Erlewine for sliding on a thick and saucy layer of pedal steel. Jerry Tubb and the folks at Terra Nova Mastering for smoothing it out and adding some sparkle.  And last, but not least, my patient wife Mary, for helping me to go get my dream.

Download is available through CD-Baby now and making it’s way to Amazon and iTunes soon.